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Here's That Video of Puppets Skateboarding Through the City

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Andy Rothwell says he needed a new hobby. That's why, he explains, he took a "crappy camera" and had strangers play with radio-controlled cars a few years ago in our nation's capital, setting the resulting montage to Wonder Why by the band Vetiver. He posted the music video to his Facebook page, and his friends liked it. Things kind of just evolved from there.

"I hadn't made anything like this in a while," says Rothwell, "because I switched jobs, moved to Philly, and got a dog, so no free time." But when things settled down a bit, he decided to take up the hobby again, this time wielding a better camera, and using a purple puppet he had bought for his two-year old nephew. New puppets were added to the collection in time.

This new video, Monster Thrashin', is an odyssey through Philadelphia through the eyes of a few skateboarding puppets. At each location: the Delaware waterfront, the top of the Art Museum steps, Love Park, and more, each puppet launches up from a spray-painted board, its airborne arc caught in slow-motion until it lands perfectly on the other side. It's hilarious, only a little irreverent, and oddly very touching. Take a look.

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