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24/7 Food Court is Coming to Chinatown Early Next Year

Let's just take a moment to mourn our beloved Shanghai Bazaar, the huge Asian goods market that for years supplied us with an impressive selection of Chinese literature, Russian DVDs, paper lanterns, pencil cases, costumes, and tabletop water features until closing earlier this year. But there's new life in store for the building, in the form of a 24/7 foodcourt dubbed Chinatown Square.

Restaurant owner Kenny Poon, who owns the Ken Shin Asian Diner in Northern Liberties, Tango, Tea-Do and BonChon in Chinatown, and Kai on 10th Street near Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, wants to "open Chinatown's first food court," which will serve up a selection of Thai, Japanese, and American cuisine.

Crews are busy readying the space for the transformation from fun house to food house, and the opening is slated for February 2016.

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