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Thoughts? Which Spaces Work Best for Gettin' Down to Business?

We know that there is a smorgasbord of work spaces (aka third spaces)--to get down, get focused, and go it alone to get work done. Most such places have a way to emerge from the depths of thinking, when you want a jolt of social conversation.

But what about those times when you need to go into a meeting, and come out of it with ideas, inspiration, and general relief that it wasn't a waste of energy? Many times, it's not just the people--it's the space itself. So, dear readers, if you needed to choose the best place to spend productive time with colleagues, which one would win the prize?

Let's review some of the most irresistible qualities of a great meeting space. What's the most important element? Vote and comment with your thoughts.

Irreverent Design | Magic Gardens
Does it get any more non-corporate than this? This indoor and outdoor space is a mosaic wonderland of public gardens with murals and sculptures.

Greenery | Colonial Dames Society
Indoor/outdoor space in a colonial setting is appropriate for a serene event that needs the energy of nature. This historic property in Rittenhouse Square has a fair amount of green space.

Warmth | Power Plant Productions
Ever feel like the room you're in is a little too...sterile? No good, especially since most of the year here feels like an arctic icebox. The expansive wooden floor will warm up any meeting, even in the cold winter.

Social Activities | Philly Museum of Art
Imagine your meeting with a side of art, architecture, and a gallery talk. Not too shabby, right? The museum can accommodate up to 1500 people. A little culture always goes a long way in upgrading a get-together.

Natural Light | Skybrunch at Top of the Tower

When you're talking business, a view with lots of blue sky and light streaming in is one of the most inspiring and relaxing things to see and feel.

Food/Drink | Farmicia
Rubbery chicken and stale bread with hard blocks of butter is not going to cut it anymore. Expectations of farm-to-table and organic foods are becoming increasingly standard. Farmicia has that craftsman's approach to food.

So, dear readers, which matters most when meeting up?

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