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Do You Want What Millennials Want When Buying a New Home?

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Coldwell Banker has released a report on what Millennials (defined as those who are 18-33) want in a new home.

First on the list is smart home technology, so, for instance, they can control their thermostat from anywhere with the help of Nest.

Next is a darn good WalkScore grade. Millennials shun cars if an urban lifestyle is within reach. Walking to the restaurant from home or work is the trophy.

The final main thing: pretty, Pinterest-and-Instagram-worthy homes with granite, gorgeous colors, and the latest everything. If it looks like it was just featured by HGTV, then that's the home to pick--even at the expense of gaining equity with a fixer-upper.

So, dear readers, do you agree with this list? Which of these is the most important feature in a new home? If these three don't cut it, add your own non-negotiable in the comments.

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