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Divine Lorraine: Thankful for the Grateful Dead; Holy Honda Hotel!

And now, here's a roundup of the morning's latest news.

NORTH PHILLY—So, you may be a fan of the Grateful Dead. Or you may not. But either way, you have that band to be grateful for if you're at all a fan of the work going toward the revitalization of the Divine Lorraine Hotel. The financier for the project stopped at the site on the way to the group's concert, and became smitten with the building's character. Sugar magnolia!
PHILLY—Oh hey, so if you're not into hotels, Airbnb's, or campgrounds for your papal visit, perhaps there's another option you'd like. Philly Mag reports a Craiglist ad, where an enterprising Philadelphian is offering his 1993 Honda Accord for you to tuck your lucky head in. Roll those windows down and experience Pope Francis in all his glory! Keys are not included, so don't get any sinful ideas.