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Mapping Philadelphia's Air Pollution in Real Time

Oh, Philadelphia. The historic city where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed, where the Liberty Bell is housed, and where air pollution actually isn't that bad. This interactive map, created by Beijing-based environmental group Air Quality Index China, ranks the amount of air pollution in different communities around the world in real time. The ranking, or Air Quality Index (AQI), ranges from 0 to over 300—the lower number representing a lower amount of pollution, the higher number representing a higher amount of pollution. In the map, you can discover that Norristown has the least amount of pollution, while Millville has the highest; even so, both have a very low amount of pollution with a low amount of concern for health risks CityLab reported that the map uses data from environmental protection agencies in more than 70 countries as well as data from more than 5,900 feeds in more than 8,000 air-quality-monitoring stations in nearly 1,000 cities. If interested in seeing the map for yourself, go here.
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