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What Would Philadelphia Look Like Without Cars?

On the weekend that Pope Francis visited Philadelphia, the city closed its streets to cars, leaving the land open to pedestrians and cyclists. Resident Cory J. Popp filmed the carless city, describing the images as "the rarest I've ever taken in Philadelphia." "Open streets" are now such a public wish that nearly 3,000 people signed a petition in just two days to bring more open street weekends during the summer of 2016. Petition author Jim Kenney described the lack of motor vehicle traffic as "a taste of freedom." "Thousands of us fell in love with the open streets of Philadelphia this weekend. But the Pope's departure doesn't have to be the end of this story," reads the petition. The petition also claims that "some of the decision-makers are on board." For now, we'll just have to wait and see if a carless utopia will be Philly's future, while crossing our fingers and watching this stunning video.
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