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Goldtex Becomes Philly's 1st LEED Gold Certified Residential High-Rise

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The Goldtex apartment community in the Loft District just became the first LEED Gold certified residential high-rise in Philadelphia. The Post Brothers development company announced the certification for the building yesterday in a press release, noting that Goldtex saves about 15 million pounds of CO2 each year—that's about how much 1,200 cars emit. OK, but what exactly about the building's redesign earned the nod from the US Green Building Council? Well for one, Goldtex runs on 100 percent wind-generated power. The building's new facade also creates an insulating thermal barrier by using the original shell as a heat sink, according to the release. Then, there are the windows, which feature electronically-controlled shades, as well as heat-blocking coatings, which help the building both consume and retain energy. Plus, every apartment has Energy-Star appliances and LED light fixtures.

The recognition comes a few years after Goldtex's controversial beginning. When the construction process began on the $38 million project back in 2012, the Post Brothers suffered quite a few hiccups, starting with an ugly fight against the city's union labor force that resulted in beatings of workers on both sides of the fight. Then, there were the salacious VIP invites to the opening of the building in 2012, featuring scantily clad women sitting on a kitchen countertop.

So, you want to live in the city's only LEED Gold certified residential high-rise? There are units available, according to the Post Brothers website. Or, check out the Weccacoe Flats in Queen Village and Paseo Verde in North Philly. They're both LEED Platinum status, with the latter being the country's first Platinum LEED certified neighborhood development.

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315 North 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA