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Elfreth's Alley Townhouse With Brick Sauna Now $50K Cheaper

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This 245-year-old townhouse on the oldest residential street just can't find a buyer. Built in 1771, the house on Elfreth's Alley—the nation's oldest continuously inhabited residential street—has been on the market for 442 days, first listing with an $850,000 asking price. But the 3-bed, 3-bath double-wide pad with red heart pine floors has recently chopped $53,000 off its asking price, bringing it down to $797,000. The home clocks in at 3,500 square feet, with a 1,400-square-foot garden in the back; the second and third floors also have private decks. And while it may be old, the home has been spruced up with updates, including a second kitchen on the second floor and a finished basement with a bricked-out sauna and full bath.

· 135 Elfreths Aly [Redfin]