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Big Reveal: $699K for a Renovated Graduate Hospital Townhouse With Skyline Views

The guesses came rolling in for the asking price of this renovated townhouse in Graduate Hospital. And one thing's for sure: You guys are getting good at this game. Most of the guesses weren't too far off, with one person noting, "This home is much nicer than your typical 'G-Ho Special' which cheap-looking exteriors." But congrats to the commenter who went so far as to guess the street the home is located on: "If more around Catherine or Christian, $699K. If more around Bainbridge, $750K." In reality, the three-story home is located on Bainbridge, but asking for $699,000. Thanks for playing along and stay tuned for next week's Pricespotter!

2233 Bainbridge St. [Redfin]