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Society Hill Playhouse to Close April 1, Toll Brothers Condos Planned

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The Society Hill Playhouse in Washington Square West will shutter its doors on April 1, according to an announcement posted on the theater's website yesterday. The impending closure comes after months of talks about the Toll Brothers demolishing the property and a garage to build condominiums. At the time that the developers proposed their plans to community stakeholders, Society Hill Playhouse owners Deen Kogan hadn't made any information public about the potential closure of the theater, according to PlanPhilly.

Society Hill Playhouse first opened in 1959 when Deen and her husband Jay bought the property for $10,000. The announcement on the website reads:

During its history has produced hundreds of American and European premieres, developed many notable programs; trained countless artists and technicians and true to its mission, remained unique in its dedication to contemporary theatre and the community."

As of October, the proposal planned for 17 units and 18 parking spaces, with the height at 51 feet—similar to the Toll Brothers's units at 410 Society Hill. We reached out to the Toll Brothers and the Washington Square West Civic Association for an update on the development plans and will update when we know more.