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Alternate Renderings of 1911 Walnut St. Reveal Shorter Tower

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Left: 1911 Walnut St. at 599 feet. Right: The tower at 549 feet. Renderings by Solomon Cordwell Buenz Architecture

Yesterday we wrote about some updates to 1911 Walnut Street, the much-anticipated mixed-use development and residential tower that's joining Rittenhouse Square. At a presentation to the Philadelphia Planning Commission on Monday, new renderings were revealed that showed off some alternate options that the developers and architects are currently workshopping with community stakeholders. Southern Land Company sent them to Curbed Philly, so take a look. Which option do you prefer: Taller or shorter? Yellow or red?

Sansom Street. Left: The Philly rowhouse-inspired, yellow-hued facade. Right: Alternate option with brick facade.

Sansom and 20th

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