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Which Philly-Themed Commercial Would You Rather Watch?

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Something must be in the air. Yesterday we got wind of two Philly-based commercials, and all we can say is that we have many questions. First up, Visit Philadelphia's "Philazilla" commercial, which features a giant Benjamin Franklin fighting an equally ginormous Philly cheesesteak. This 60-second spot cost $260,000 to shoot and is targeted for New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, according to the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Then, there's the Post Brothers' 30-second spot ads for Presidential City, the community of four residential high-rises on City Avenue. There are four commercials feature "Resident President" dressed in colonial gear showing off the development's ritzy amenities while surrounded by bikini-clad women. The director tells us he was given full creative freedom for the ads.

But let the videos speak for themselves. Then, tell us which one you prefer and take our poll!

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