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The Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year is Pennsport!

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We have a winner! Ladies and gentlemen, Philadelphia's Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year is Pennsport! Coming in quietly as the 8th seed in this year's Curbed Cup, Pennsport pummeled No. 1 seed Fishtown and No. 5 Washington Square West in the first two rounds of the tourney. The final championship round came down to the South Philly neighborhood and North Philly's (7) Kensington, which put up a great fight throughout the whole tournament. But ultimately, Curbed readers said their piece: Pennsport had earned 330 more votes than Kensington by the time polls closed on December 31 at midnight. So along with a fake gold trophy, let's give Pennsport a pat on the back: 2015 was your year. Now, when's that party, Pennsport?

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