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Inga Saffron: What to Expect From Philly's New Planning Chief

Yesterday, just hours after he was sworn in as the 99th mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney signed an order creating a new cabinet-level position: Director of planning and development. That'd be Anne Fadullon, who has more than 25 years of experience in the real estate development field, including a stint as the director of development at the redevelopment authority and director of development for the Dale Corporation. So as Philadelphia Inquirer architecture critic Inga Saffron writes in her latest column:

"It's no surprise her appointment was lauded by the folks who spend their days parsing zoning bonuses and planning guidelines. I checked in with a half-dozen people, representing the full spectrum of ideologies, and nearly all called Fadullon an inspired choice."
But with all that praise comes a lot of expectations, Saffron continues. So what should we expect from the new director of planning and development?
· Bigger focus on street-level planning issues versus "big master plans"
· Fast-tracking and easier building for private developers
· A shift to more affordable housing

You can read Saffron's whole column on Fadullon here.

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