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The Architectural Plans for Philly's First Cat Cafe Are Adorable

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This news is just purr-fect: Philly is getting its first cat cafe this February. The Philadelphia Business Journal reports that Kawaii Kitty Cafe has met all of the requirements to open, including nabbing a shelter license and approval from the Department of Health (because ya know, cats and coffee). The cafe is currently under construction at 759 S. 4th St. Owner Kristin Eissler has been sharing updates on the cafe on the Kawaii Kitty Cafe's Facebook page, and recently posted some paw-sitively adorable architectural drawings of the cafe.

The top drawing is a view of the cat lounge, looking in from the cafe. Customers (i.e. potential cat owners) will enter through the cat lounge in the front, while the coffee shop will be located in the back, separated from the lounge by a viewing window.

The bottom photo shows what Eisler calls a "cat highway," which felines will be able to climb. The cupcake tops will actually be painted onto the walls, and the bottoms will be boxes that the cats can walk on top of and sleep in.

According to the kitty timeline on the Facebook page, Kawaii (which means "cute" in Japanese) Kitty Cafe opens in mid-February.

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