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Survey: 76 percent of Philly millennials still live at home

That’s way more than the national average

More than three-quarters of millennials living in the Philadelphia metro region still live with their parents, according to a new survey.

A Bank of America/USA Today report found that 76 percent of 18- to 26-year-olds in the Philadelphia-Wilmington area live at home. That’s much higher than the 52 percent of all U.S. millennials surveyed.

Also, 55 percent of Philly-area millennials have jobs, compared to 66 percent nationally.

"While many young adults here in the Philadelphia area are working hard to make ends meet, they’re still relying heavily on the support from others," Jim Dever, Philadelphia market president of Bank of America, said in a statement.

Also interesting: These millennials who still live with their parents don’t actually consider themselves "adults" despite their age. Fifty-one percent said they’d consider themselves adults not when they turned 18, but when they were able to buy a house or a car.

These numbers are much, much higher than those reported by Zillow earlier this year, which found that 27 percent of millennials reported living at home with mom and pops. Granted, those numbers were specific to Philly proper and included a wider age range of millennials. In this survey's case, 118 Philadelphians were surveyed and compared to the national sample of 2,180 people.

Numbers aside, not only are more Philly millennials living at home, but those that actually do live in the city say they don’t see a future here and ultimately leave for the ‘burbs.

But economics and job growth aren't the most pressing issues among young Philadelphians. The report, which also asked about millennials' views on the presidential election, found that in Philadelphia, 66 percent of young Americans ranked social equality as the most important issue of which to know a candidate's position. Nationwide? Just 28 percent.

You can read the full survey results here.