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Rodin Square by Benjamin Franklin Parkway is officially open for business

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It’s been four years in the making

It’s been four years in the making, but Rodin Square right next to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway is officially open.

Officials celebrated the grand opening of the $170 million mixed-use community on Friday morning, reflecting on the long, enduring process of making the second largest development in the city come to fruition.

"This is a big deal," said city council president Darrell Clarke. "This is an A1 facility."

Second in size to the Comcast Tower development, Rodin Square now replaces what used to be a Best Western Hotel. It features multiple retail tenants including Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Santander Bank, CVS, and Whole Foods, which is being billed as the flagship for the mid-Atlantic region. The CVS is scheduled to open before Thanksgiving.

Here’s how the site looked in 2014 compared to today.

In addition, residents have been moving into the 293 luxury apartments at Dalian on the Park above Whole Foods for weeks now. Along with easy access to the ground-level retail, residents are privy to a rooftop terrace with an infinity pool and a fitness center that looks toward the Barnes Museum and city skyline.