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Big Reveal: Old City 1-bedroom loft asks $245K

Did you guess the right price?

Welcome back to Pricespotter! Yesterday we asked readers to guess the price tag on this warm and cozy 1-bedroom loft in Old City. How much does 660-square-feet of space in the charming neighborhood cost these days?

Not as much as most folks think, apparently. About 175 people took our poll, and 33 percent of them said the asking price was $275,000.

The actual price tag? $245,000.

The loft is located in the old Hoop Skirts Factory, which was converted into condos some years ago. In addition to the $245K price tag, it comes with fairly low $183 monthly HOA fees, which cover things like trash and snow removal, exterior maintenance, and insurance.

Thanks for playing and stay tuned for another chance to play Pricespotter.