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Vintage Divine Lorraine Hotel item reveals when nightly rates were $5.50

It’s up on eBay

Today, a one-bedroom apartment at the Divine Lorraine will cost you $1,325 a month, but back in the 1940s it was just $5.50 a night.

That’s according to a vintage paper slip found by Global Foto Archive, which they expect dates back to the 1940s when the building was still operating as a hotel. The slip shows the guest’s name, Joan Butler, who stayed in room 19 on July 6.

Global Foto Archive tells Curbed Philly that they found the original room slip between the pages of a book bought years ago at a Freeman's Auction. They then restored it and made a reproduction of it, as well as a key fob they recreated from another old photo.

The two items, along with a reproduced photo of the Divine Lorraine from the 1950s, is up for grabs on eBay for $13.99.