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Dilworth Park fountain shuts off today for winter season

Meanwhile, it’s 80 degrees out

Philly is expected to experience summer weather this week, but Dilworth Park has winter on the brain and has shut off its fountain today to prepare for ice-skating season.

On this 80-degree day, Center City District announced the beginning of their prep for the winter season, which requires turning off the fountain and draining the pumps to prevent freezing. The plaza will be transformed into the Rothman Institute Ice Rink once again and open on November 11.

It sounds like City Hall is going to be the main holiday hub this year. In addition to the winter season at Dilworth Park, officials announced last week that the Christmas Village, which features dozens of vendors, will be located in the courtyard and Northern Apron section of City Hall this year.

Now in its ninth year, the Christmas Village’s original location is Love Park, which is currently under construction. The village's official opening date is Sunday November 27 and runs until Christmas Eve.