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Beautiful Brewerytown home lists for $296K

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So bright and airy

This Brewerytown home sold for just $55,000 last year, but it’s back on the market for less than $300,000 after an impeccable restoration.

First, those floors. They're original to the 3-bedroom, 2-bath home and have been buffed and polished, so they basically look brand new. The inlays add some character, as does the vestibule and little nook under the stairs in the living room. The cute backyard with a garden trellis is a nice touch, too.

Most of the rooms have been fixed up, including the kitchen and upstairs bathrooms. One of the smaller bedrooms features a Murphy bed, and there’s also extra space in the finished basement.

The asking price of this 1,256-square-foot home is $269,000.