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Vaux Hill Estate is back on the market for $3.95M

With new listing photos!

The magnificent Vaux Hill mansion in Phoenixville is no stranger to the local real estate market. It’s been listed and de-listed since 2014, when it first was up for grabs for just under $9 million. Today, it’s back on the market with a much smaller price tag and newer listing photos for gawking.

Vaux Hill, also known as the Fatland Estate, sits on 15 acres overlooking Valley Forge National Historical Park. The original structure was built in 1776, but later underwent an extensive renovations by architect John Haviland. The stately Greek Revival Mansion that looks strikingly similar to the White House is what stands today.

Here are the stats again, for those new to this estate: There are seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, a beautiful pool and poolhouse, and a tennis court. Inside the 8,951-square-foot mansion, many of the original architectural details remain, from the millwork to the crown molding.

The asking price of this immense estate is down to $3,950,000.