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Rittenhouse Square Trinity makes use of every corner, asks $399K

It’s looks surprisingly spacious

Yes, it’s possible to buy a home in Rittenhouse Square for less than $400,000. And while it may mean settling for a Trinity rowhome, this one makes use of every nook and cranny to create a surprisingly spacious house.

Like most Trinity-style homes, there are two bedrooms and one full bath, though this one comes with a bonus half bath. It clocks in at 810 square feet.

But before you wince, take a look at that kitchen: It’s on the entry level floor, so it gets plenty of light. And it manages to fit in an island and dining room table. From here, there’s access to the also surprisingly spacious back patio.

On the second floor, there’s the cozy living room (which we’re assuming is the second bedroom), but also the full bathroom. The laundry is tucked away in another corner, which means you won’t have to lug your dirty clothes down that spiral staircase into the basement.

The main bedroom on the third level has an entire wall of closet space (including plenty of shelves for shoes). You’ll also find the half bath here—the sink is outside of the actual toilet.

The asking price of this Trinity is $399,900.