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Philadelphia Airport’s Terminal F expansion is complete

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It’s the airport’s first LEED Gold-Certified building

It just became a little more easier and convenient to fly out of the Philadelphia International Airport with the opening of the new-and-improved Terminal F expansion.

Today, American Airlines and airport officials celebrated the grand opening of the terminal, which has been undergoing $35 million in renovations since late 2013. The expanded terminal now consists of two connected buildings, one of which is now the airport’s first LEED Gold-Certified building.

Skanska USA and the Sheward Partnership recycled 75 percent of materials and debris from the demolition, some of which was salvaged and re-used during construction of the 40,500-square-foot green-friendly building.

There’s also the new baggage claim hall, which features a 91,000-pound, 100-foot-long conveyer bridge that juts over the ground floor. It was installed in one night, according to the announcement.

The expansion makes it much easier for travelers flying in and out of Terminal F to get to other terminals. Terminal F and E are now connected by a pedestrian pathway, for example. Previously, people had to take a shuttle to get to and from other parts of the airport.

And overall, it’s just bigger and brighter. Anything to make flying just a tad more enjoyable, right?