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Here are more Divine Lorraine floor plans to ogle over

Multiple restaurants, a retail boutique, gym, and more

We’ve known for some time now that the Divine Lorraine has been actively seeking restaurant tenants, but these floor plans offer even more information of what’s to come on the lower levels at the historic apartment building.

The plan for the first floor has always been for two restaurants to sandwich the lobby, which is currently being restored. Based on this floor plan, CBRE is looking for a bi-level restaurant on one side, and a cafe on the other. The bi-level restaurant will continue down to the lower level.

In addition, looks like there’s a place for a retail boutique in the back of the lobby, as well as a community lounge for residents.

On the lower level, there’s also been talk for a speakeasy lounge. And on the other side of the floor, the plans call for a 1,134-square-foot fitness center. A restaurant in the annex building, which will be converted into a boutique hotel, will also be on this level.

It also looks like there are plans for outdoor space along Ridge Avenue.

The $40-plus million restoration project is expected to be complete in spring 2017. The apartments are on track to be move-in ready by the end of the year.