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Cornerspotted: The southwest corner of Front and Market streets

Did you guess correctly?

Welcome back to Cornerspotter, Curbed’s game where we ask readers to guess the location or building in Philly based on a historical photograph. Yesterday, the corner in question was originally a popular coffee shop, then turned into a general store as seen in the photo. Today, the corner spot is home to a company called WebLinc.

Curbed Philly readers proved their history chops this week, with several folks correctly guessing the right location: the southwest corner of Front and Market streets. The site has a historical marker noting it as the original site of the London Coffee House.

Commenter morrisK and multiple readers on social identified the right corner. Special shout-out to Firth and Wilson, the Fishtown bike shop that made the correct guess first!

Thanks for playing, and stay tuned for another chance to play Cornerspotter!