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Historic Old City home with ties to Ben Franklin asks $599K

It was the home of one of Ben Franklin’s BFFs

The home of one of Benjamin Franklin’s good friends and the first property built at Loxley Court in Old City has hit the market for just under $600,000.

Master builder Benjamin Loxley built this three-story home after he bought the land that would become Loxley Court in 1741. Along with all of the seven homes in the court, this one is registered historic, and legend has it that the original key used in Franklin’s kite experiment came from this house.

The current owners have made a number of renovations to the 2-bedroom, 1.5-bath property, including a renovated kitchen and marble master bathroom, but according to the listing it is the only home on the court that has retained its original features.

The certified historic home is an immediate charmer, secluded from the busy Old City streets by a gate. The backyard is a big oasis with a fire pit and 15-foot walls surrounding it for max privacy.

The asking price of this home is $599,000.