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Hint: This Philly bar was replaced by another type of entertainment venue

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Can you guess the street corner where this building was once located?

Welcome to Cornerspotter, Curbed's game in which you try to identify the location of a particular building or streetscape in a historic photograph. Impress us and your fellow Curbed readers with your uncanny insight into Philly and its past!

It’s been quite awhile since we played Cornerspotter here at Curbed Philly, so here’s a quick refresher: In addition to the old photograph, we give you as many details about a specific corner in Philadelphia without giving it away, and you try to name the street crossing or the current building in the comments section.

Here’s what we know: The big hint is the bar that once stood here in this photo taken in 1949. It replaced an ornate hotel that once charged $4 per night. The bar was also eventually demolished and made way for a parking lot. Today, the corner is home to another type of entertainment venue.

So: Can you identify the current building or the actual corner where this bar once stood? Leave your best guesses in the comments, and we’ll reveal the answer this week!