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Philly home prices: Price ranges in various neighborhoods right now

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How does price per square footage range across the city?

Where in Philly can you nab the most property per buck? That’d be Kensington, where the average price per square foot is $61, according to a recent analysis.

Real estate analytics firm NeighborhoodX crunched September listings in Philly and found that based on price per square footage, the most affordable property was in Kensington and the most expensive property was on the west side of Center City.

"Being able to visualize the lower end of the market makes it apparent where there are still comparative bargains to be found even in established neighborhoods, and where there is upside potential in emerging neighborhoods as well," says NeighborhoodX co-founder Constantine Valhouli.

In general, prices ranged from $33 to $1,301 per square foot across Philly. Not surprisingly, booming Fishtown is moving up the charts, while its neighbor Kensington is currently the most affordable neighborhood in Philly (at least on this list). The average listing price in Fishtown is $211 square feet—more than three times that of Kensington.

Note: This analysis specifically focused on marketable, pretty much move-in ready properties. So major fixer-uppers, properties called "development opportunities," foreclosures, and short sales were not included.

You can view an interactive version of the price range chart over at NeighborhoodX.