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Is a mixed-use high-rise coming to the Disney Hole at 8th and Market?

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Update: A reader tipped us off, but developer says the rumors are false

UPDATE: A representative from Goldenberg Group reached out to Curbed Philly and said that the tip about a proposed mixed-use tower at 8th and Market is not true and that the conceptual rendering shared by a reader is not theirs. Although 8th and Market is listed on their website, they say they have not released any plans regarding the project.

Big plans may be in the works for the large parking lot at 8th and Market street (otherwise known as the Disney Hole for reasons we’ll get to later), according to a Curbed reader’s tip.

Local developer Goldenberg Group has proposed to build a 450-foot mixed-use tower at 800 Market Street. It’s still very much in the conceptual phase, but something is definitely in the works the reader says.

At the time of publication, calls and emails to the developer were not returned to Curbed Philly. The property, however, is currently listed on Goldenberg’s website under the "In Development" tab, though no further details are provided.

Here is the conceptual rendering of the mixed-use tower, which Warner shared with Curbed Philly via social media.

And for reference, here’s the parking lot that it would replace:

Re-development of the massive parking lot was bound to happen, especially with the neighborhood’s ongoing resurgence with the East Market development. Back in the late 1990s, the parcel almost became home to DisneyQuest, an indoor amusement park. But despite the city pouring millions of dollars into the project, it ultimately flopped, leaving a construction site that became known as the Disney Hole.

Eventually, it was paved over and has served as a large surface parking lot in the heart of Market East ever since. (You can read more about the site’s history at Philly Bricks.)

If something were to be built here, its neighbors would be the eventual Gallery Mall-turned-Fashion Outlets of Philadelphia at 9th and Market and the extended-stay residences at AKA Washington Square, which is currently undergoing a multi-million renovation.

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