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Washington Square West home featured on DIY Network lists for $364K

The kitchen is famous!

If you’re an avid DIY Network fan, this kitchen might look familiar to you, because it was featured on the network’s series "Kitchen Impossible." Now, the Washington Square West home is on the market for $364,950.

"It’s not a big house," says listing agent Dave Spears. "But the way they use the space is just super smart."

The two-story home clocks in at 1,100 square feet at features two bedrooms and one bathroom, so it’s ideal for a couple or even a medical professional since its right by Penn and Jefferson hospitals, says Spears.

There are interesting space-saving details throughout, from the spiral staircase that Spears assures is pretty wide ("You can definitely move furniture up and down.") to the small wet bar at the entrance.

The TV-famous kitchen is on the lower level of the home, but the staircase lets in a lot of extra light. It makes the most of the space, with enough room to fit in a dining area to boot.

You can check it out yourself. There's an open house today, Friday, October 7 from 5 to 6:30 p.m.