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Mysterious 8th and Market rendering was meant for 8th and Chestnut

It was apparently commissioned in the early 2000s

Earlier this week a Curbed reader tipped us off about a mixed-use high-rise proposed for 8th and Market. A watercolor rendering revealing a super-tall tower for the corner that had folks thinking that something was finally in the works for the so-called Disney Hole.

But when we talked to the alleged developer behind the project, Goldenberg Group, they asserted that the rendering was definitely not theirs, and that any plans they had for 8th and Market had not been released.

So where did that mysterious rendering come from?

First, some eagle-eyed commenters helpfully pointed out that the rendering was actually of a proposed high-rise located at 8th and Chestnut, not Market. It’s a smaller parking lot next to the Disney Hole that’s currently owned by the Philadelphia Parking Authority (PPA).

A Goldenberg Group representative also says that a top executive recalls that the rendering was likely commissioned by Clark Realty Capital in the early 2000s for an RFP issued by the PPA. The RFP was not awarded.

Curbed Philly reached out to Clark Realty Capital and PPA, and will update this article if we hear from either party.

The watercolor conceptual rendering itself was created by Genesis Studios, which is a Florida-based company that specializes in architectural rendering, illustrations, and scale modeling, according to its website. The rendering of 8th and Chestnut can be found under “watercolor renderings.”

So there you have it. Both corners of 8th and Market and 8th and Chestnut are still parking lots in the middle of Market East, where major re-development projects are happening literally left and right, from East Market to the Fashion Outlets of Philadelphia. Even though this old rendering never came to fruition, it’s only a matter of time before something(s) pops up on this block, right?