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Map: Where in Philly did Trump do best on election night?

Philly voted for Clinton, but two wards voted Trump

All eyes were on Philadelphia in the weeks and days leading up to Election Day, with Donald Trump out on the stump in the suburbs and Hillary Clinton drawing more than 30,000 people to a rally on Independence Mall the night before.

In the end, Pennsylvania went red, though Philadelphia went overwhelming blue. Mayor Jim Kenney congratulated city residents for coming out in droves to vote—more than ever in recent history, he said.

Specifically, 82.19 percent of Philly voted for Hillary Clinton, while Trump drew just 15.45 percent of the votes.

But despite the majority of Clinton supporters, there were a few wards of the city’s 66 total where Trump won the majority vote or at least came pretty close to winning.

This map shows the 10 wards that had the highest percentage of Trump votes. Dark red highlights the wards he won, and the lighter red highlights where he garnered a decent amount of support.

In Ward 66 at the top of Philadelphia, Trump earned 51.45 percent of the vote compared to Clinton’s 45.49. He also won Ward 26 with 50.65 percent of the majority vote.

Clinton did win the following eight wards, but they still managed to eek out a significant number of votes for Trump.

  • Ward 58: 48.8 percent (Clinton) vs. 48.7 percent (Trump)
  • Ward 64: 50.58 percent vs. 46.6 percent
  • Ward 63: 50.22 percent vs. 46.63 percent
  • Ward 57: 54.95 percent vs. 42.11 percent
  • Ward 65: 57.22 percent vs. 39.99 percent
  • Ward 45: 57.82 percent vs. 39.3 percent
  • Ward 55: 59.37 percent vs. 37.37 percent
  • Ward 56: 61.08 vs. 36.3 percent