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5 places to view the supermoon in Philly

They’re all open to the public

The supermoon sets behind the Philadelphia skyline on Monday, Nov. 14, 2016.
The moon won’t be this close to the earth again until 2034.
Courtesy of AP Photo/Joseph Kaczmarek

If you missed the Supermoon on Sunday night or early Monday morning, don’t fear: There’s still a chance to view the orb close-up tonight here in Philly.

The last time a full moon was this close to the earth was in 1948. It’ll be your last chance to see it this close until 2034!

The moon was at its fullest and biggest at 8:52 a.m. this morning, so tonight it will be a “waning gibbous” moon, according to Still, it’ll be so bright and big that you’ll likely be able to catch a glimpse of it wherever you are in Philly.

But here are 5 places open to the public where you can view the supermoon tonight and will offer great views of the city as its backdrop to boot.

Belmont Plateau

Grab a picnic blanket and head to Belmont Plateau in West Philly’s Fairmount Park. It has views of the Philly skyline, which will help put the size of the moon in perspective.

Address: 2000 Belmont Mansion Drive

Cira Green

In University City, you can hang out at Cira Green for a view of the Supermoon until 8 p.m., when the public rooftop closes. Make you way up the lawn to the top of the park for the best views.

Address: 129 S. 30th Street

Penn’s Landing

The Delaware River Waterfront may be one of the best places to see the Supermoon as it rises above Camden.

Address: 101 Columbus Boulevard

Race Street Pier

You can also make your way down to Race Street Pier, a short walk from Penn’s Landing for a great view of the Supermoon right next to the Ben Franklin Bridge.

Address: Race Street & N. Columbus Boulevard

Drexel Park

Like Belmont Plateau, Drexel Park in University City offers skyline views looking east toward the city.

Address: 3100 Powelton Avenue

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