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New interactive visualizes where Philly bikes by Indego

Well that’s helpful

Philly’s Indego bikeshare system launched in 2015, and on November 10 it celebrated its 1 millionth ride, perhaps buoyed in part by the SEPTA strike.

But besides offering another way of getting around the city, Indego and the city have always been pretty transparent about its usage. It shares all of its data online, from length of rides to routes to most popular bike stations (anonymously, of course). That’s what inspired Mike Reeser of Slalom Consulting to create this helpful interactive, which visualizes Indego trip data.

The visual lets you choose one Indego station and see its top 10 destinations, the average time of the ride, and the most popular months and time of day it’s used. Take University City Station, for example, which is one of the most popular stations used among the whole bunch.

Most riders who rent a bike from here travel across South Street Bridge to 23rd and South around 5 p.m. The most popular month to ride Indego from this station is in September, and the least popular month is January.

“I put this viz together because I am passionate about my city and love showing it through data viz,” Reeser told Curbed Philly. “Indego makes their data available to the public, so I downloaded the data and thought it would be an interesting [...] to see where riders typically travel to from each station.”