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Ritz-Carlton residence with epic views of William Penn asks $2.92M

Oh hey, Billy

A condo in the Residences at the Ritz-Carlton that’s never been offered before has hit the market—and whoever buys it will wake up next to good ‘ole Billy Penn every single morning.

The 3,090-square-foot unit is one of the largest homes and on one of the highest levels, so staggering views of the Philly, including the William Penn Statue above City Hall, are one of the perks. It’s also the largest and highest space aside from the penthouse, which sold for $12 million in June. Plus, the condo has never been lived in before, so it’s a pretty much blank slate.

The 3-bedroom, 4.5-bath condo also comes with a guest suite, which according to the listing, can be “locked down” and considered separate from the rest of the home because it has its own entrance.

As always, there are some hefty HOA fees—$2,960 a month—but that offers access to a massive gym with a pool and access to a Bentley or Escalade.

The asking price of this condo is $2,920,000.