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Every Philly polling location will feature local artwork on Election Day

Here’s a sneak peek!

When Philadelphians go out to vote next Tuesday, November 8, they may notice that their polling location looks a tad different this year.

Local artists have teamed up for the third year of Next Stop: Democracy, a collaborative effort that seeks to improve civic spaces with locally-made artwork that clearly designates where to vote on Election Day.

The hope is that the colorful posters will make the process of voting a little more fun. Or, as the group puts it, “Our project seeks to infuse polling places with a feeling of energy, excitement, and joy.”

This year, Next Stop’s efforts have expanded: Its posters will be placed at every single polling location in Philly. The group has also teamed up with the Philadelphia City Commissioners Office, and there will be three new posters added to the mix. Here’s a sneak preview of each one:

Visit the Philadelphia City Commissioner’s Office website to find your polling location.