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Modern Bryn Athyn home hides among the trees, asks $405K

A lovely home in a lovely borough

The historic borough of Bryn Athyn is steeped in history and architectural significance, home to jaw-dropping estates like John Pitcairn’s Cairnwood and the Bryn Athyn Cathedral. So it came as a surprise when this modern ranch-style home 20 miles from Philly hit the market.

After all, it’s easy to miss while driving along Carriage Lane, since it’s heavily shrouded by an enclave of trees. Behind all that is a 3-bedroom, 2-bath custom-built home with a lovely loft, tiny greenhouse, and two-car garage.

The home does give off some midcentury modern vibes, though that could just be the current decor. And it’s cozy, but roomy: The home clocks in at 3,163 square feet. And although the listing describes it as a ranch, it has a loft space that includes additional rooms off to either side.

The asking price of this home is $405,000, down $5,000 from when it originally listed in October.