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Watch this timelapse of demolitions and new construction in Philly since 2003

It speaks for itself

Earlier this week some aerial photos offered a birds’ eye view of just six of the major projects happening in Philly. Currently, there are 30-plus high-rises currently under construction or undergoing renovations.

Now, this new interactive map shows just how many new builds has hit Philly since 2003 until today—plus all of the structures that were demolished to make room for them.

CARTO, a group of map-building techies, recently published this timelapse using open source data of new building and demolition permits issued in Philadelphia from August 2003 through October 2016.

This GIF highlights August 2003, October 2007, July 2013, and October 2016. The map speaks for itself, though the construction boom really speeds up after 2009. You can watch the full timelapse, which goes month to month starting in 2003, at CARTO’s website.