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Snyder Plaza revamp continues with new ACME Market

Opening summer 2017

An ACME Market is replacing the old Shop Rite in South Philly.
Courtesy of Google Streetview

ACME Market has signed on to join Snyder Plaza in South Philly, the latest step to enhancing the 30-year-old hub of big box retailers.

Developer Goldenberg Group announced that the ACME grocery store will set up shop in the old Shop Rite at 29 Snyder Avenue. After a complete gut and renovations, ACME (plus a Starbucks) is expected to open in summer 2017.

The ACME Market should be a welcome addition to the neighborhood, since two other grocers—Superfresh and Pathmark—closed up shop in 2015. Shop Rite then left Snyder Plaza and moved to the old Pathmark location.

This won’t be the last we hear about Snyder Plaza, either. In October, Goldenberg Group announced plans to revitalize the shopping center, which is now three decades old. New murals that adorn the big-box stores marked the start of the plaza’s enhancements, and there are plans to incorporate more public spaces and walkways to connect the shopping center to its surrounding neighborhoods.