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Photos: The Divine Lorraine’s restored facade revealed

It looks quite divine

The front view of the Divine Lorraine, a historic Gilded Age building by Willis Hale.
The removed scaffolding reveals the Divine Lorraine’s restored facade.
Photos by Melissa Romero

About a month after its neon signs lit up again 40 years, the Divine Lorraine’s scaffolding is coming down, revealing a graffiti-less front facade.

The restoration of the north-facing side of the historic building finished up before the November sign-lighting ceremony. The scaffolding was removed from the restored front facade last week, revealing the original green trim and black balconies.

Facade restoration continues on the south-facing side and the back, both which are still shrouded in black and experienced the brunt of graffiti. Powers & Company, Inc. has been leading the historic preservation efforts at the Divine Lorraine, which is expected to begin move-ins by January 1, 2017.

Here’s the north-facing facade in May versus today.

The restored facade reveals original green-trim windows. The balconies will not be accessible for residents.
Facade restoration continues on the backside of the Divine Lorraine.

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