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19th-century Wyndmoor home with indoor pool, guest house asks $1.1M

Old and new

Driving down the wooded Old Gulph Road in Wynnewood, one might only briefly notice the 19th-century stone home. But upon closer look, there’s much more to the 150-year-old property, from its indoor pool to its unique architecture.

The 4-bedroom, 5-bath home was built in 1850, but has clearly changed a bit since then. A new addition brought plenty more windows, allowing a lot more natural light to stream through each room. Yet each room, from the gourmet kitchen to the living areas, still give off that cozy and warm vibes one would expect in a home of this age.

Speaking of warm, the indoor pool is surrounded by heated flagstone—a nice touch especially this time of year.

It almost seems like the home could run as its own secluded get-away, although it’s only 12 miles from Philly. Along with the main house, there’s a two-car garage that doubles as a guest house. It has its own full kitchen, laundry, bedroom, and living room.

The asking price of this home is $1,149,000.