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20 amazing photos of the Comcast Technology Center’s interiors

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The tower is stunning even while under construction

The Comcast Technology Center while under construction.
The Comcast Technology Center while under construction.
Photos by Beau Rosario for Philamedia Co.

Earlier this month, Urban Engineers showed us what it’s like to travel up the side of the Comcast Technology Center, treating us to terrifyingly beautiful views of Philadelphia from 59 stories above. Now, new photos of the skyscraper’s interiors reveal more jaw-dropping views and offer a sneak peek of just how much work goes into building Philly’s first super-tall building.

Photographer Beau Rosario of Philamedia Co. recently spent the past few months shooting inside of the tower for Dougherty Electric, the onsite electrical contractor. “I shot the first two sets around June and July this year, and the rest mainly in November and December,” Rosario tells Curbed Philly. “As someone who's only ever been a photographer, it's been particularly interesting to meet everyone in their trades and in their environment.”

Here are just some of the tremendous photos he captured of construction in progress, revealing gorgeous views and impressive interiors.

The Comcast Technology Center, designed by Foster+Partners, is expected to finish construction in 2018.

Comcast Technology Center

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