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Big Reveal: $349K for a cozy Fitler Square home

Did you guess the right price tag?

A brick home with blue shutters, flower boxes, and a red door.
This cute Fitler Square home has a $349,500 price tag.
Courtesy of Redfin

Welcome back to Pricespotter, Curbed’s guessing game! This week we asked readers to guess the price tag on this cute and cozy Fitler Square rowhome.

The stand-alone brick home is compact, with two bedrooms and a narrow kitchen, but it boasts a back patio. Would those features, plus its prime location near the Schuylkill River Trail, convince readers to go high or low?

Higher, apparently. The poll results were close, with just three votes separating $375K and $349,500, respectively. The actual asking price is indeed $349,500.

For what its worth, the original price tag on this home was indeed $375,000. It’s been on the market for awhile now, so it’s gone to the chopping block a couple of times.

Thanks for playing along and stay tuned for another chance to play Pricespotter!