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City issues RFP to revamp Philadelphia City Hall’s courtyard in 2017

The City Hall courtyard will look a little different in 2017.
Courtesy of Norman Maddeaux/Flickr

Got an idea to make City Hall’s courtyard better? The city wants to hear about it.

The Mayor’s Fund of Philadelphia just issued a request for proposals (RFP) for local designers to “build an innovative, modular, multi-purpose platform” for the courtyard that will launch in June 2017. The short-term improvements should somehow highlight the city’s history with water.

Why H20? The city received a grant from Southwest Airlines Heart of the Community program, and intends to use it to shed light on the history of Philly’s water supply system and the city’s Green City, Clean Waters program.

To be clear, the revamp won’t necessarily be permanent. But it will aim to garner some more eyeballs and excitement on the long-term goals to redesign the courtyard, which have been floating around for a few years.

Proposals are due January 13, 2017, so get to it!