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Philly’s New Year’s Day 2017: Mummers Parade and street closures

Plus: Where you can and can’t park

The Mummer’s Day Parade takes place on January 1 at 9 a.m.
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

On Sunday, January 1 the Mummers Parade will take place along Broad Street, just like it has every year since 1901. But street closures and parking limits begin as early as Thursday evening.

Here’s everything you need to know about Philly’s New Year’s Day parade, from it’s route to road closures to where you can and can’t park.

Parade Route

The parade takes place on Sunday, January 1 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It begins at City Hall and the Mummers strut their stuff down Broad Street toward Washington Avenue.

Parking and Street Closures

Thursday, December 29

  • Starting at 6 p.m., you can’t park on the east side of 15th Street from JFK Boulevard to South Penn Square. This lasts until 7 a.m. on January 1.

Friday, December 30

  • From 10 a.m. to noon, two east travel lanes on 15th street from JFK Boulevard to Market Street will be closed for equipment loading. Just avoid 15th Street completely during this time.
  • No parking from 2 a.m. on December 30 to 7 a.m. January 2 on the west side of 15th Street from JFK Blvd. to Market and Market to Ranstead Street.

Saturday, December 31

  • From 10 a.m. through Monday, January 2 at 12 p.m., two east travel lanes on 15th Street from JFK Boulevard to S. Penn Square will be closed for television setup.
  • From 12 to 6 p.m., 15th Street from JFK Blvd. to Chestnut Street and Market Street from 15th Street to 16th Street will be closed.
  • Parking is prohibited from 4 a.m. on December 31, 2016 to 8 p.m. January 1 on West Market Street and JFK Boulevard, from 15th to 20th Streets.
  • This is tentative, but starting at 6 p.m., Market Street will partially re-open east of 16th Street and 15th Street will partially re-open south of JFK Boulevard until 3 a.m. January 1.

Sunday, January 1

  • From 3 a.m. until the parade ends, Market Street from 15th to 16th Street, 15th Street from Arch Street to Chestnut Street and JFK Boulevard from 15th Street to 20th Street will be closed.
  • From 7 p.m. until the event’s conclusion, Broad Street from S. Penn Square (Parade route) and Washington Avenue from 12th Street to 18th Street (dispersal area) will be closed.

From 2 a.m. to 7 p.m., parking is prohibited on both sides of these streets unless otherwise noted:

  • From JFK Blvd from Juniper to 15th Street (SOUTH SIDE)
  • JFK Blvd from Broad to 16th Street
  • Juniper Street from JFK to South Penn Square
  • South Penn Square from Juniper to 16th Street (SOUTH SIDE)
  • Ben Franklin Parkway from 16th to 19th Street
  • North Broad Street from Cherry to JFK Blvd (WEST SIDE)
  • 15th Street from Race to JFK Blvd
  • 16th Street from Chestnut to Race
  • 17th Street from Ben Franklin Parkway to Ludlow
  • 18th Street from Race to Ludlow
  • 19th Street from Ben Franklin Parkway to Chestnut
  • Cherry Street from 15th to 17th
  • Arch Street from 15th to 17th
  • Washington Ave from 12th to 18th
  • Broad Street from Arch to Ellsworth