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Rendering reveals proposed rooftop pool at Fishtown hotel

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It has quite the overhang

A proposed boutique hotel in Fishtown calls for a rooftop pool.
Rendering by Morris Adjmi Architects

Tonight, Fishtown residents will consider plans to build a rooftop pool with an overhang at the proposed hotel on 1220 Frankford Avenue.

The pool will be on top of developer Roland Kassis’ proposed boutique hotel. The issue at play is its 6-foot overhang on Leopard Street.

Designed by Morris Adjmi Architects, the pool would be atop of the current 5-story brick building at 1220 Frankford Avenue. There will also be some co-working offices on the lower levels. Another structure would be built on the current vacant lot next door.

Here’s what the site looks like from Leopard Street.

The neighborhood zoning meeting takes place at 7 p.m. at the Fishtown Rec Center.