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Video reveals jawdropping views atop new Comcast Tower

Hope you’re not scared of heights

Construction photo of Comcast Tower of Innovation and Technology
The Comcast Technology Center is poised to be the tallest building in Philly.
Photos by Tectonic

You can see the second Comcast skyscraper rising from nearly every vantage point in the city, but a new video shows that the top of the tower really boasts the best views in Philly.

A select group of special inspectors with Urban Engineers recently shared one of their trips traveling up the 59-story Comcast Technology Center (yes, the word “Innovation” has been dropped from the official name) in a 2:30-minute video.

The views are incredible, though that’s expected given that the 1,121-foot-tall skyscraper will be the tallest in Philly and the third tallest on the east coast. In a blog post, Urban Engineers write:

[I]nspectors have been testing welds on the structure’s 60 floors. Beginning with the project while it was still a hole in the ground, Urban’s construction services team has been a part of one of the city’s largest projects ever. It has also allowed them the chance to have views like no other, standing at heights most people never get to see, unless it’s behind a window.

Construction on the Comcast Technology Center is expected to be complete in 2018.

Comcast Technology Center

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