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Hale Building Restoration to Feature Glass Entrance, Spacious Roof Deck

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Renderings courtesy of JKRP Architects

Things are looking up for the Hale Building restoration project. JKRP Architects recently released renderings of the building on Chestnut and Juniper streets, revealing a glass portal entrance replacing the former Valu-Plus storefront and a spacious dining space on the roof.

The Hale Building, designed by local architect Willis G. Hale in 1887, was once described as a monstrosity on Chestnut Street. One critic wrote, "The building shall lack unity, shall lack harmony, shall lack repose and shall be a restless jumble." Sitting vacant for years, with previous plans to turn it into a hotel, it was finally bought by developers Brickstone Co. in September 2015 for $4.7 million. Brickstone plans to restore masonry, brick, and iron detailing, according to Philly Mag's Property blog. JKRP's Jonathan Broh told Property that the building will likely be utilized for office space, and that the restoration could be completed within the year.

· Hale Yeah! Renderings Show Hale Building in All of Its Glory[Property]

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